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Based on my educational background in Psychology, my teaching philosophy is that the mentality is just as important as the technique.

You can learn everything about plugins, buttons, and software, but to really learn how to work with the tools, it’s essential to understand the reasons behind why you would use those tools.

At the same time, it is just as important to have a clear direction about where to go with your music, and develop a healthy producer’s mindset, so you can start building a long and successful career.

My Mentorship  Online Courses, and Feedback Sessions are all based on this philosophy.

What students say

Your mentor

Hey, I am Dread Pitt. I have been producing music for 9 years and teaching for about 3. Starting off, I downloaded the FL Studio demo and started experimenting. Over the years, I developed my skills, and my music has been played millions of times across the world.

In the meantime, I studied Psychology at university, and received my Bachelor’s degree and Master’s degree in Educational and Social Psychology.

Because I did not have a mentor, I had to overcome many obstacles myself.  Piece by piece, I gathered information from different places online. This was a long and difficult process, and I became frustrated many times. There were just some questions that couldn’t be answered online that I had to figure out myself.

I figured that there could be a much better way of learning. So I combined my Psychology knowledge with my experience to create mentorship program which explains each topic of a music production career in a comprehensive, no-nonsense way. 

My mission is to be the mentor that I didn’t have, so my students don’t make the same mistakes I made, and have a smooth and fast development.

I have now successfully mentored over 50 students from all levels and genres.